The Royal Marines Commando Challenge is all about teamwork. Working together to achieve something special. It's about showing Cheerfulness, Courage and Determination, as well as motivation, consideration and care. Achieving that end goal together no matter what your ability.  Taking place across Woodbury Common, near Exmouth, Devon, you will be taking on the real deal endurance training course, a course usually only tackled by the Royal Marines trainees themselves. Do you have the grit and determination to take on our Challenge?  Sign up now!

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Cheerfulness “being in or characterised by good spirits, promoting a feeling of cheer; pleasant”

If a laugh and a good time is what you are after in your support of charity, then look no further than the 5K Royal Marines Commando Challenge. Why not sign up now?

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Courage “the ability to face danger or pain without fear”

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the world of the Royal Marines Commandos then this is the course for you as it is the closest in distance to the one undertaken by recruits when training for their converted green beret. Why not sign up now?

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do you know .. 

The Royal Marines Commando Challenge is owned by and 
raising funds for The Royal Marines Charity and Devon Air

Please consider raisng sponsorship to help support these
two fantastic charities.

Course Obstacles

Sheep dip

The ultimate obstacle and the one that even the toughest Commandos have nightmares about. Just dunk your head in and let your Royal Marines helpers guide you through.

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Commando Challenge

Commando Challenge @RMCdoChallenge • Apr 3

Are you taking part in this years #RMCdoChallenge? What are you most looking forward to? Maybe it's the stream wade?

Commando Challenge

Commando Challenge @RMCdoChallenge • Mar 16

Did you know #RMCdoChallenge is owned by @theRMcharity & @DevonAirAmb - meaning every penny raised makes a huge dif…

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Our Charities

Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Devon Air Ambulance Trust raises the funds to keep both of Devon's Air Ambulances in the air. Currently flying up to 14 hours a day their aim is to relieve sickness and injury through the provision of an outstanding emergency air ambulance service tailored to the specific needs and challenges of such a rural county.

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The Royal Marines Charity

The Royal Marines own Charity are uniquely placed to understand, respond and react, in order to help Royal Marines and their families overcome challenges including life changing injury, life limiting illness, mental disability, transition to civilian life and even poverty.

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